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Weekly Public Yoga Classes

A Gentle Way Yoga Center


8:30-9:30am Traditional Hatha Yoga

12:30-1:30pm Moderate Hatha Yoga


9:45-11am – Moderate Mix Yoga

I teach an eclectic blending of numerous Hatha Yoga styles. I sequence sessions based on the energetic and physical needs of the people in attendance. This free-form style is patterned after my own personal practice and experiences – finding the best poses and focus for any given moment.  

Individuals who best fit my style of group yoga are generally able to freely move throughout their day with relative ease. They enjoy a mixed and diverse sampling of poses and philosophy. Because I offer poses based on who shows up on any given day, my classes are always different. These students are open to, and enjoy, the fluid nature of my style and are willing to experiment with their bodies because they trust that I will not present any situations that might put them in physical or emotional discomfort. I always provide modifications, variations, and the space for participants to give themselves permission to practice at the level that best serves them in any given session. My group classes are appropriate for active people who understand the importance of slowing down a little to remain healthy, as well as for those coming back into wellness.  

Workshops, Retreats and Miscellaneous Gatherings

Feathered Pipe Retreat

Come retreat with me in beautiful Montana from September 6-11, 2020 at world renowned Feathered Pipe Ranch. My co-instructor, Lanita Varshell and I will guide you through “the” gentle way of yoga. We will deconstruct traditional asana to fit every body, so that everyone can experience the divine aspects of moving the body in ways that reach down into the soul.

Feathered Pipe Ranch is just outside lovely Helena, Montana and hugs up to the Continental Divide. You’ll not find a more serene, bucolic space like this anywhere else!

If you register and pay in full by February 29, 2020 you’ll receive $100 off.

We’re hard at work making content for next year’s workshops and special classes. The schedule will be posted soon, so check back in!

If you are interested in hosting Diane at your studio, click below to download a brochure for more information.

“Diane is the most amazing teacher. I learned so much. Time flew by. I hope I have more opportunities to learn from her in the future.”

Private Sessions

Those who best connect with my style for yoga and meditation sessions, generally have concerns with specific areas in their physical bodies – most often musculoskeletal in nature. Many come post-rehab to continue their healing process with me. They trust that my extensive knowledge of the human body will guide them toward moving with greater ease, confidence, relaxation, and joy, as they transition to more balanced functionality. Through the lens of yoga techniques and philosophies, I offer poses and practices specifically suited for their individual physical, energetic, and emotional needs.

I also provide one-on-one or small group private ‘yoga basics’ sessions to those new to yoga, and for those who wish to delve deeper into the wide array of yoga styles and philosophies. These sessions build confidence so everyone feels comfortable practicing further on their own, or within group classes. Each person receives a personalized “take-home” mini-yoga practice they can play with and expand upon based, on their desires.

I offer these private and small group yoga and meditation sessions online, at my home-based yoga studio, or at A Gentle Way Yoga. Please contact me for more information, and so we can find the best fit for you!

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