About Diane

Yoga, as my profession, allows me to hold space and provide guidance to people with a wide variety of body shapes and physical abilities. For some, I offer biomechanically sound, individualized yoga poses and movement modalities to aid in physical (and sometimes emotional) recovery. In group classes I present a variety of thoughtful and creative pose options and variations so that each person is able to deeply connect within themselves at a pace and level best suited for them. Regardless of setting or specific focus in any given session, I love to create safe, nurturing, and ultimately fun experiences for everyone – and look forward to working with you!

My Story

I currently reside and teach within the boundaries of traditional Kumeyaay lands in eastern San Diego County (La Mesa). I am a physically active, fun, outdoorsy kind of person and have always been curious about and amazed by the complexities of the human body. I studied movement science as both an undergrad, and graduate student and was hired as a kinesiologist in the Motion Analysis Laboratory at the Children’s Hospital in San Diego. There, through the study of gait (walking patterns) I gained a great deal of appreciation for the capabilities of the human body, and how it can compensate due to injury or other inherent challenges. 

During my time at the hospital, I was introduced to yoga but didn’t go out of my way to continue much until after I became pregnant with my son. At that time yoga became my “go to” activity because it both energized and relaxed me. It had the same effect on my son who always got very active inside me during and after class, then was mellow after that. Yoga means connecting, and this was a special time for us to bond – even before he was born!

​When I left the hospital, I started a mobile personal training service. Even after strenuous workouts, I always ended sessions with restorative yoga. It just made sense! Soon I was drawn to register for a yoga teacher training in my area. The course was taught by long time instructor, and teacher trainer, Kathy Lee Kappmeier, whose training was based in the Himalayan tradition of yoga and meditation, as taught by Swami Veda Bharati.

After I was certified, Kathy Lee asked me to help her write a training manual. At the time, data regarding rising numbers of yoga injuries was being published at an alarming rate. Together we focused on creating guides to highlight the muscular activation throughout each phase of poses; entering into, holding, and moving back out. We included mechanically informed cues, modifications and adjustments so new (and seasoned) teachers could provide their students with the most comfortable, harm-free classes possible. 

Our “little” training manual morphed into a full-blown textbook, and Instructing Hatha Yoga was published by Human Kinetics in 2006. It was one of the first instructional yoga primers and became a highly utilized text throughout the United States, and other English speaking countries. Sadly, Kathy Lee passed away in 2009, so the second edition of the book was a solo endeavor. The revised text now reflects many poignant issues facing the modern yoga community and includes a number of amended cues and a wider variety of pose options to address the needs of a more diverse student population.

“Diane is an amazing teacher… she is beyond knowledgeable and has a sense of humor!”

Max L.

Yoga Teacher & Student

The vast array of knowledge and experience I’ve gained in the 20 years I’ve been involved in the yoga world, as both as student and as a teacher, definitely colors my session formatting. I blend eastern philosophical wisdom with western scientific practicality. This allows me to create healing sessions that are joyfully sequenced so each student is able to find their own best Self via physical, emotional and energetic exploration and awareness.

Life should be as fun, expansive and as joyfully interesting as possible – and so should our yoga!

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Masters Degree Exercise Science
Certified Yoga Teacher 200 & 500-hour YogaWell YTT
YA E-RYT500 – Yoga Alliance experienced yoga teacher
YACEP – Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider
IAYT – Certified Yoga Therapist: International Association of Yoga Therapists
Specializing in musculoskeletal focused yoga therapy
Meditation Facilitator
Author – Instructing Hatha Yoga – A Guide for Teachers and Students
• 4500 hours group yoga instruction
• 2000 hours private yoga instruction/therapy
• 500 hours YTT instruction 

This is a great resource for yoga instructors in yoga studios and schools, campus recreation, recreation and leisure settings, fitness centers, dance studios, hospitals, and community settings. Non- teaching students of yoga will find the text easy to read and to use as a guide for their own personal yoga practice.

Developed in line with Yoga Alliance Standards and the Yoga Teachers’ Registry requirements, “Instructing Hatha Yoga” is a comprehensive and user-friendly guide to becoming a confident and qualified yoga instructor. Both students of yoga and yoga teachers will not only learn how to practice and teach yoga poses, but they will also discover ways toward deeper self-awareness to positively affect their lives for years to come.